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Subject : Proposal for Faculty Development Programme and Training

Dear Sir,

I am Dr. Kiran Joshi, a Professional Educator. As you Know that during Covid19 pandemic time only 8% of Indian Schools, Colleges and University, get connected to students online and hardly deliver the contents to them.

This is only a lack of knowledge and raw content supply technique.

Here are a few things which we can solve your problems and make it easy forever.

Problems we Face ?

  • Heavy and blurry videos

  • Heavy Images by Mobile

  • Typing difficulties

  • Slow Internets

  • Lack of Interaction to students

  • Unable to evaluate during this session

Content I teach your faculty / students.

  • Paperless examination

  • Online certificate preparation and distribution

  • Interactive videos and Presentations

  • E-content development

  • Keep Academic Records Online and communicate too

  • Voice Notes and Voice Typing

  • Can evaluate each student on spot.

  • Cyber security and secure being internet theft

  • How to conduct webinars?

  • Engage class from anywhere.


  • Android / IOS Mobiles

  • Laptop / Desktop Computer

  • Internet


We charge Rs. 300 for each participant only for 5 days session.

Please Contact to make it possible in your academy for boosting knowledge and make your valuable .

Thanking You.

Dr. Kiran Joshi

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